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Travis Kelce Says He Was ‘a Shy Kid’ and Reveals Mom Donna’s ‘Home Videos’ Built His on-Camera Confidence



The Kansas City Chiefs star, 34, admitted he was a “shy kid” growing up during a pre-Super Bowl press conference on Friday, and revealed that his mother Donna Kelce’s “home videos” of him helped him grow confident in front of the camera to the point where he now has fun with it.

My mom’s home videos, man. Just having that camera on me at all times,” Kelce told reporters with a laugh after he was asked where his confidence in front of the camera comes from. “Seeing what silly stuff I’m gonna do next,” he added.

Honestly, I’ve always been comfortable in the rooms that I’ve been in and I’ve just been fortunate that, I don’t know, I’ve been able to kinda look into a camera with ease, I guess,” Kelce continued. “I don’t know, it’s just having fun out there, I guess.”

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