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This is the brilliant moment Travis Kelce did his bit for charity by modeling one of his own jerseys on stage, at an event alongside teammate Patrick Mahomes.



The two Kansas City Chiefs superstars were joined by a host of superstar names for the local event, where they auctioned off items for big money.

Not content with just showing the crowd the gameworn jersey they were selling, both Mahomes and Kelce decided to pull on their work attire to show the audience… but it was easier said than done for the latter.

While Mahomes easily pulled on his No. 15, Kelce needed the help of Hollywood icon Paul Rudd and Modern Family legend Eric Stonestreet to get his on, much to the delight of the crowd.

Eventually, they did manage to get his No. 87 on, and the package up for sale – which included the two gameworn jerseys – went for an eyewatering $250,000.

The Big Slick charity event was raising money for Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, and saw fans pack out a huge auditorium for the annual fundraiser.

Kelce and Mahomes were back in Kansas City after Friday’s visit to the White House to meet President Biden – when Travis once again took center stage.





After being asked to come to the podium by the President, Kelce joked that he was worried he’d get tased if he did – after last year’s antics on the same stage.



After he gave his speech, the President joked: ‘I’d have Travis come up here but God only knows what he’d say,’ before inviting Kelce up to the mic anyway.

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