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Taylor Swift, Oprah and a ‘blitz primary’: Well-connected Democrats including a former Obama and Clinton advisor issue bombshell memo detailing wild plot to replace Biden



A pair of well-connected Democrats have issued a bombshell memo detailing their wild plan to replace President Joe Biden on their 2024 ticket.

It would require Biden to step down as the head of the ticket by mid-July to pave the way for other Democrats to throw their hats in the ring for a ‘blitz primary’ that would feature celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Oprah, according to Semafor.

The six candidates with the most votes from delegates would also have to vow to run a positive-only campaign.

The plan is the brainchild of Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown law professor who served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations and as a volunteer policy adviser to the 2020 Biden campaign, as well as Ted Dintersmith, a venture capitalist and education philanthropist who has donated to a number of Democratic campaigns.

They have already circulated the plan to Democrat donors, as well as officials within the Biden campaign and administration – and say they have widespread support.

Under the plan, Biden would have to step down as the Democratic nominee by mid-July and announce the new system to decide who would take his place, with the backing of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Any Democrats who wish to become the new nominee would then have just a few days to announce their candidacy, and the six who garner the most votes from delegates must pledge to run a positive-only campaign in the month leading up to the convention.

The so-called ‘blitz primary’ would then include weekly forums with each candidate moderated by cultural icons like Michelle Obama, Oprah and Taylor Swift.

The nominee would ultimately be chosen by delegates using a ranked-choice voting system before the start of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago on August 19.

Brooks and Dintersmith then suggest the nominee should be unveiled on stage with Biden, former President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

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