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Taylor Swift Is ‘the Voice of a Generation’ in Hallmark Channel’s An American in Austen Sneak Peek (Exclusive)



In a sneak peek at Saturday night’s Loveuary debut, An American in Austen, librarian and author Harriet (Eliza Bennett) makes a special plea after being transported from the present day into the center of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Looking out the window intending to pray, Harriet begins, “It’s me. Hi,” before laughing to herself and completing the line from Swift’s song, “Anti-Hero.” “I’m the problem, it’s me.”

As an aside, she adds, “She really is the voice of a generation,” and pauses to contemplate Swift’s talent. “I’ll get back to it,” she says, before turning back to the sky and admitting, “I’ve messed everything up, and I really don’t know how to fix it.”

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