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NFL “Full Time Cattle Farmer”: Travis Kelce Discloses Jason Kelce’s Offseason Plans



The conversation soon shifted to another potential role Jason Kelce might take up—a full-time coach. However, the 36-year-old admitted that doesn’t want to become a “full-time coach,” but he does want to stay involved with his former team. Jason would like a role where he can help out the team through his experience and guide the young players.

“I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna do during the season,” Kelce shared. “Obviously, I’m not gonna be a full-time coach, but if there is a level, I can help out the team, still help out the young guys, whatever, figure out if there’s a role there.”

In response, Travis playfully called him “Coach Kelce” and remarked that he could see his older brother in a coach’s fit. He imagined Kelce wearing a tucked-in shirt and a visor, complete with a stopwatch and a whistle. Playing along with the joke, Kelce admitted that he does happen to be a “tucked-in shirt guy” as he looks forward to non-football-centric things.

Retirement certainly will be a new change for Jason Kelce because of how salient football was in his life. As the 2024 season will kick off, Kelce will be forced to watch the action and not participate in it, playing on the field. Kelce had expressed that the one thing that he regrets about his retirement decision is the timing, as he believes that the Eagles are going to make a comeback this year.

Nonetheless, the older Kelce brother seemed content with his decision. This led to the conversation moving to an interesting theme of post-retirement engagement. And from the start, Travis Kelce had some unique ideas in store for his elder brother. Initially, he proposed the idea of Jason getting into rearing cattle full-time!

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