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Multiple Chiefs Fans Have Had Amputations Due to Frostbite After 4th-Coldest NFL Game Ever, Hospital Says



A Missouri hospital has reportedly performed amputations on a dozen people who suffered frostbite during the January cold spell — including a few Kansas City Chiefs fans who attended the Jan. 13 Dolphins game, where temperatures inside Arrowhead Stadium dipped below zero.

The Research Medical Center said doctors primarily amputated fingers and toes, with more surgeries expected in the coming weeks as “injuries evolve,” according to a new statement obtained by the Associated Press on Friday, nearly two months after the frigid football game.

PEOPLE reached out to the hospital for more details.

The Chiefs-Dolphins game was the fourth-coldest game in NFL history, with the temperature at kickoff reported at -4 degrees with a wind chill of -27.

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Because of the near-record cold temperature, emergency services provided aid to 69 people during the game, while three people were hospitalized for frostbite and seven more for hypothermia symptoms.

“It was shocking how cold it was,” Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, 34, told his brother Jason days after the game on their New Heights podcast.

Everyone saw Coach [Andy] Reid’s ’stache. I could feel my mustache hardening up,” he added. “That was probably the first game I caught myself … running back to the heaters to warm up my hands and feet to try to get feeling back. It was that freaking cold.”

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