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Logo Shaqυille O’Neal Fiпally Shares His Caпdid Reflectioп Aboυt Meetiпg Taylor Swift at the Sυper Bowl



Shaquille O’Neal is finally divulging all the details about his meeting with Taylor Swift.

The NBA legend met the superstar during halftime at this year’s Super Bowl, with the photo of the pair surrounded by Ice Spice and others going viral after the big game. Still, he’s remained largely mum about the interaction-until now.

On a recent episode of The Big Podcast With Shaq, the basketball pro admitted that if he hadn’t had a buddy “hooking [him] up withJason [Kelce]” at the game, he “would have never tried to meet Taylor Swift.”

But with the connection in his pocket, he went to the suite during the first half, where her security blocked him from entering and told him to return at halftime.

Shaq, 52, was concerned he “just got bigtimed,” but he acknowledged that he didn’t want to interrupt her during the game and came back later to get his picture. When he finally entered the luxury suite, the touring artist greeted him happily by name, giving him pause as he wondered if he’d forgotten a prior meeting.

“We ever met before?” he asked her, but the “Karma” singer, 34, confirmed that it was the first time before posing for photos with the former Laker. He “made it real quick” so as not to inundate her, as Kelce previously noted happened throughout the game, but confirmed that the singer was so “nice” throughout the interaction.

Shaq also gave his props to the rapper who featured on “Karma,” noting that he wanted to “show her some respect, too.”

“I was in there and it was all about, ‘Oh, Shaq met Taylor,'” he remembered. “And she was in the picture…”

Some fans took it as him trying to flirt with Ice Spice when he shared the photo on Instagram, writing that she was “so dam fine” in the caption, but he emphasized that, while he thinks she’s very attractive, he just wanted to correct it after he “didn’t really blow her up.”

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