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Does Carole Middleton have to curtsy to Kate Middleton and which royals does the Princess of Wales have to curtsy to?



So far in 2024 we haven’t seen Carole Middleton stepping out alongside the Royal Family but the Princess of Wales’s mother has attended everything from the King and Queen’s coronation to multiple high-profile royal weddings over the years. Many of these events have been attended by Kate too and whilst mother and daughter primarily enjoy spending time together outside of the public eye, their interactions always spark interest. As a result it’s perhaps all-too-easy to find yourself wondering how much royal tradition and protocol dictates how Carole behaves towards Kate as the future Queen as well as her daughter.

We often see the Princess of Wales gracefully curtsying at big occasions and we have all the details about whether her mum has to do this to her and who Kate has to make this respectful gesture to as well.

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