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American Taylor Swift fans left reeling over this one detail in video from megastar’s Sydney concert: ‘Can only be jealous’



The global megastar, 34, has been impressing Swifties in Melbourne and Sydney with a string of epic concerts, with the tour Down Under set to come to a close on Monday night.

The much-awaited shows have seen upwards of 80,000 fans descending on the sold-out stadiums as Swiftie mania has taken the country by storm.

And a time-lapse video showing the masses from Sydney’s Accor Stadium crowding on to trains at Olympic Park station after the concerts has stunned international fans.

Crowds – which also included blink-182 fans from a gig at the neighbouring Qudos Bank Arena – were seen pouring into the station before being quickly swept onto trains.

The trains were seen leaving every few minutes, with the huge number of concertgoers seamlessly being ferried on to them to get them home.

And the footage left some American fans with a sense of envy as they told how post-concert travel isn’t always as smooth back stateside and admitted their ‘jealousy’.

One wrote: ‘Was absolutely amazed by how well this was handled at Olympic Park and the MCG last week. Can only be jealous as an American. Transit rocks!’

Another said: ‘Hi North American here! Most stadiums have ZERO access to public transportation and are not walkable. You are fortunate. Hope this helps!’

A third penned: ‘I sometimes travel an hour to a concert or sporting event because I live in a very rural area. Driving is the only option.’

Another Australian commented on how many American fans had been wondering why there was little parking around the venue, using the video to show how it arguably isn’t needed.

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