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“A custom-made ring worth $1 million is ready and waiting for the most beautiful and supportive woman, Taylor Swift, for the upcoming proposal.”



Philadelphia-based jewelry designer Steven Singer is absolutely ecstatic about the possibility of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s engagement. He is so thrilled that he is offering the NFL star a custom-made ring worth $1 million for the proposal. In an interview with Page Six, Singer expressed his eagerness to design a truly extraordinary ring for the globally renowned couple.

The jewelry expert already has a vision for the design of the ring, suggesting an Art Deco-style, 7.5-carat emerald-cut Earth Born diamond ring handmade in platinum. He emphasized, “With colorless, eye-flawless, real diamonds!”

Singer’s grand gesture is not without consideration for the couple’s financial status, as he mentioned that if Kelce and Swift decide to pay for the ring themselves, he would donate the cost to a charity of their choice. This thoughtful offer demonstrates Singer’s genuine desire to create something special for the couple while also contributing to a meaningful caus

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