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Friday was a long day for the Chiefs players and staff. They jetted to Washington D.C. for a meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House and then flew back to Kansas City the same day. Tight end Travis Kelce and a friend headed to Prime Social on Friday night to kick back.



That was just the first time Cheney bumped into Kelce over the weekend. As she recounted in an Insta Story, Cheney went to Rye in Leawood on Saturday morning and was sitting on an empty patio when … guess who showed up? Yep, it was Kelce. “I have to tell you he was kind and chill and normal on both occasions which were less than 16 hours apart,” Cheney said. “And they were both totally happenstance. He got seated next to us in a very small area at Prime Social on Friday night. And obviously we did not ask him or indicate that we wanted him to buy us drinks. I would never. “He saw it was our birthday. We had a little you know, birthday treat come out from the waitress. And so he saw it was our birthday. They asked what the birthday girl was drinking and they sent it over and you saw the rest (in her video). “Otherwise he was low-profile, minds his own business and everyone left him alone as they should. I’m sure he had a long day since he was at the White House with the Chiefs I think earlier that same day, so the man had a busy weekend. I know he was a Big Slick last night.” Yes, Kelce was at the T-Mobile Center on Saturday night for the Big Slick Party & Show, where he heard jokes about girlfriend Taylor Swift. But he started the day at Rye and had another unexpected meeting with Cheney. “Lo and behold up comes KillaTrav with one of his friends that he had been with the night before, and we were both like, ‘Hey!’ He was like, ‘Oh, hey, today’s your actual birthday, right? Happy birthday.’ I was like, ‘Yes, thanks Trav.’ And we chatted for a minute. … “So now I’m joking that Trav and I are besties and I mean, maybe I should be concerned. He’s clearly following me around Kansas City. Just kidding, obviously. But my only regret is not asking him for a photo when I saw him at Rye on Saturday morning because he was only with one person. No one else was around. But just trying to be as chill and normal as he was, because it was like chatting with one of my neighbors. He was just super down to earth and friendly and kind and not gonna lie, I like the guy even more than I already did, which was plenty. So anyway, it was a fun little birthday treat, a little cherry on top to a really great weekend.

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